Germany's Facilitation to Indonesia in Cleaner Production Norm Diffusion Processes

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This dissertation centers on the investigation of norm diffusion processes in developing countries facilitated by environmental bilateral cooperation. It particularly identifies conditions promoting the diffusion of cleaner production (CP) norms in Indonesia, supported by German and Indonesian environmental bilateral cooperation, known as the Program Lingkungan Hidup, phase II (Environmental Program-Pro LH II Project) from 2004-2008. This research acknowledges the tendency of global norms to diffuse into national politics; yet, they produce different degrees of compliance towards different states. Indeed, the different degree of compliance is contingent on certain variables, particularly related to conditions surrounding the diffusion process. The project was coordinated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), representing the German government, with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment (MoE) appointed as the host manager.

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