Emergency Service of Private and Public Rescue Services in Namibia

Emergency Service of Private and Public Rescue Services in Namibia

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This study report examines the emergency service of public and private ambulance services in Namibia. The structure, allocation and location of the emergency services and the resulting behavior of the population are the focus of the research. The investigation uses a policy analysis to describe and explain the system configuration at the time of the survey and the emergence of the system. To achieve this, the policy cycle as well as the policy network get subjected to a consideration and adaptation of the present circumstances. In addition, the procedures of emergency services, in particular existing strengths and weaknesses, are investigated, as they do have a massive impact on the system configuration. Thus, it is possible by the use of an adapted concept to describe how in Namibia procedures evolved in relation to the emergency medical care and why there are discrepancies in terms of supply qualities and quantities between private and public services. With this knowledge the report concludes with recommendations for the current system.

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